IDMTR // Dimitar Inchev

Our book about coworking "Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces" is available online. It is a great read for anyone interested in gaining a broader understanding of how people across the globe make coworking happen.

I collaborate with people and companies on projects for the workspaces of tomorrow. Currently working on Coworkies a future of work & workspaces company with Pauline .

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Get in contact on LinkedIn, or simply .

Other fine folks to work with:
Madalena (Graphic & Print Designe)
Pavel (Branding & Motion Design)
Ivo (Web & Illustration)
Haydee (Sound Design)
Nikola (Web Dev)
Anastas (Architecture)
Ivaylo (Photography)
David (Illustration)
Valistika (Illustration)

I explore the Internet extensively. Get an email once in a while with list of interesting findings worth your time.